Monday, 28 February 2011

Lady Xenomorph!

You must have been living somewhere far, faaar away in a cave or something if you haven't heard about Lady Gaga's new song, Born This Way. I heard the song before (and didn't care much about it) but I just saw the videoclip about ten minutes ago. For those who haven't yet, here it is.


I loved loved loved loved loved loved it! And I just realized "loved" is such a funny word, now that I've typed it this much. Anyway, the actual song doesn't start until 2:50 but I don't mind. I don't mind at all.
The song Born This Way has such a poppy sound to it (and it vaguely reminds me of a musical-song as well), it just doesn't sound Gaga.

But the videoclip? My my. It's a masterpiece!
The lyrics were nice, but the theatrics were so very refreshing. I can't help but admit, the beginning of the clip kind of reminded me of the illuminati, but that passed quickly enough. Then she reminded me of the big, cuddly, insect-like monster Xenomorph from Alien. And all around, the videoclip reminded me of Kubrick, too.

Mother Monster, as designed by H.R. Giger.

After then it was just plain awesome. And so many births, not to forget. It did make me feel kind of awkward, but the clip was very unexpected and original. She's bringing the real avant-garde fashion to music, and now this brilliant piece of modern art? The theatrics were lovely, simply lovely.

But reading the comments, I understand not everyone thinks so too. Jesus Christ, some are agressive when it comes to weird videoclips.
What I do notice is that she keeps getting weirder and weirder. Remember her Just Dance-days? Remember Bad Romance? Remember the meat dress? Really, I hope she doesn't run out of ideas. Or that she gets this weird, people won't be able to relate to her anymore. Cause if that happens, it'll be over for Gaga.


  1. this is just GENIUS written, and I really love the new clip from Gaga too! It was kinda awkward, but its inspires me. LETS HAVE THE REVOLUTION GETTING STARTED! -my badass English-

    night night!


  2. Teehee, thank you! You're making me a bit shy ;_; But but.. really, it does make you feel like starting a revolution. Doesn't it? Doesn't it? :D

    There's nothing wrong with your English by the way, much better than what I've read at school sometimes ;_;

    Buenas noches! x

  3. haha I never seen this one before :P
    thanks for sharing the link haha
    if she wasn't weird, it wouldn't be lady gaga :p

  4. Yes, that's true :) You're welcome by the way, teehee! x

  5. teeeheee, yeeees Emma! <3 ikr.

    PS. het is handiger als je terug comment op de blog van de mensen zelf ;D vinden ze leuk èn mensen zien dan de link naar je blog staan en nemen er een kijkje op (;

  6. Teehee, okies :) thankyou ;D