Saturday, 5 March 2011

Aves del Paraíso

Okay, I've just found something on the internet, and it's stunning. Simply stunning. Somewhere I feel kind of bad about posting all kinds of stuff other people made, and not anything from myself. I will, when I finally get my painting back, or when I've overcome my laziness to finally finish one of those billions of sketches. But for now, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the book: Aves del Paraíso (Birds of Paradise).

One of the many, many brilliant shots from Aves del Paraíso.

The well-known Gaby Herbstein teamed up with the Azara Foundation to make this book about the relationship between us human beings and the environment, with the help of 102 professional models, 19 designers, 10 tailors, 7 stylists, 12 make-up artists, a goldsmith, 8 wardrobes, 9 dancers, 6 artists, a cinematographer, an editor, 4 art directors, illustators, graphic designers, children, non-professional models and celebrities.  Quite some people, huh? You can add an art curator to that, who has chosen all of the images with care.
This truly is a masterpiece, the result of three years of hard work. It aims to raise awareness about the planet, and the measures that have to be taken in different areas to stop us from living in a foul and strange world.

Some examples, to make you want it even more:

And last but not least, the trailer:

...which is en Español. I'll get the English (or subbed) version as soon as it's up.

You can click here for for more pictures, but I'm afraid you'll have to buy it if you want the full version. I don't have the link where you can buy it yet, but as soon as I know I'll post it here. :)

PS. Haha, I just saw how much my background matches the theme of this post! Priceless.


  1. wow! so artistic! <3
    Love your finds! :) thanks for sharing! <3