Saturday, 5 March 2011

Simplemente impresionante

Hello again, people :)

Please allow me to introduce you all to Rodrigo y Gabriela! 
They're a guitar-duo who started off in Mexico City playing in a trash metal band (Tierra Ácida), but soon grew frustrated with the limits of the music scene. So they moved to Europe. 
They quickly gained a reputation by playing in bars and pubs in Dublin, where they are currently still residing. They're best known for their fast, rhythmic, percussion-like playing. 
I adore them, really. You can put them right up there with Paco de Lucia. Not many musicians can make a crowd go crazy like that with such few elements. Take notes, people, that's called talent. :) 

WARNING: The song doesn't really start until 0:49. Also, don't watch the vid, just listen. It's not very epileptic-friendly. 

Clicky here or here if you liked it. :)

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